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According to official reports Ben and Cathy Tanner of Woodbine Maryland perished in a tragic
house fire on the night of December 7, 2006. Nobody was inclined to question this report until
a startling video of Ben and Cathy surfaced on the popular video sharing site Youtube. In this
video a couple that appears to be Ben and Cathy are seen fighting what can only be
described as an extraterrestrial being.
The Woodbine Alien. Copyright 2008 David A. Hamilton
Family and friends interviewed by this site have
confirmed that there is no doubt that the couple
seen/heard in the video is indeed the Tanner’s.

Furthermore, none of the Tanner’s  family or friends
feel that the video could have been faked since the
couple appears to be truly terrified and Ben Tanner
can clearly be seen firing an M4 assault rifle inside of
his home.
The 'Woodbine alien' caught on tape
Since the release of the video, this tragic occurrence has become known as ‘The Woodbine

The video can be viewed below. Please note that children under the age of 12 may find the
content disturbing.
The Woodbine Incident