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The Woodbine Incident - DISCLAIMER

The Woodbine Incident is a fake.

This video was created as entertainment and placed on YouTube in the Entertainment Category.
Some people have been upset that the video is not real. Our in intent in making the film was to
entertain. We mean no disrespect and apologize for any upset that this video may have caused.

For those curious, here is how it was made:

The idea for the film came about from me watching shows like MonsterQuest and UFO Hunters on
the History Channel.

The video was filmed in less then 30 minutes.

My wife held the camera while we ran through the lines taking place in the bedroom. This scene
took about 4 takes to get right.

The scene in the hallway was filmed on a different day with me and my daughter. I was now
holding the camera and filming from my wife’s point of view. My daughter was dressed in dark
clothing and wearing an alien mask that I purchased on-line for ten bucks. This scene took about
10 minutes to film. Of the many takes we took, the only one usable was the one you see in the
completed film.

The final scene, where I am firing at the alien, was filmed with my wife again holding the camera
and me jumping out and ‘firing’ at the alien with what appears to be an assault rifle. The gun was
actually a broken air rifle made by Airsoft.

The footage was loaded to the computer and edited together using Pinnacle Studio 9. The breaks
in filming were disguised by having what appeared to be bad sections of the video. This was
actually me capturing blank footage from an old VHS tape to the computer and editing these ‘bad
spots’ into the three sections of edited footage.

The muzzle flash for the assault rifle and the laser blasts from the alien were done using FxHome’s
EffectsLab Pro.

The alien ‘yell’ was done by me making weird noises into a microphone. There was no
manipulation of that sound. It’s 100% me.

It was fairly bright when we filmed. So the footage was darkened in EffectsLab and given a
blue/green tint to give the subtle impression of a camcorder using a night vision setting.

Thanks for watching!

David Hamilton
March 2009
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