Copyright 2008 David A. Hamilton. All rights reserved
Music and sound effects by SMARTSOUND

Effects software

Editing Software -- PINNACLE STUDIO PLUS V9.3.0

Original Planet Photos -- NASA IMAGE EXCHANGE

Certain Star Backgrounds, SEAN KENNEDY, SCIFI 3D

Camera -- Filmed with a single SONY Digital 8 Handycam (DCR-TRV280 NTSC)

Green Screen

Lazvarian Guards: Gnarly Gnashers, The Paper Magic Group

Card Playing Alien: Fright Asylum, Disguise Incorporated

Cyborg Eddie: Cinema Secrets, Woochie, Cyborg Parts

The makers of this film want to express their sincere gratitude to Loane Brothers for the kind usage of
their facilities during the filming of this production. Please visit for all of your Tent,
Awning, and Party rentals.

The makers also wish to acknowledge the Buck Fowler Tavern (6703 Belair Rd. Baltimore, MD 21206)
for the equally kind usage of their facilities. Stop in sometime for a drink and bite to eat (you’ll be glad
ya did)

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