Guide - ROBOT: Domestic Artificial Worker Neztronic Incorporated (DAWN)
Copyright 2007 David A. Hamilton. All rights reserved
DAWN. Copyright 2007. David A. Hamilton
Neztronic Incorporated
An all purpose worker
commonly used for
domestic labor and piloting
  • The DAWN product line was introduced in 2150 and is still being produced today. Cheaply priced and easily
    repaired, these mainstays of the robot workforce have proven that their famous marketing slogan, "Built for
    a lifetime, and then some" is entirely accurate
  • The DAWN-28 model was the first commercially manufactured robot that could legally pilot a starship
  • More so then any other robot, the older DAWN models have a strong nostalgic value for the many robot
    collectors throughout the galaxy. This has resulted in numerous "DAWN Clubs" that meet regularly to swap
    parts and show off fully restored or customized classic DAWN's
  • The most famous incident involving the DAWN series occurred in 2184 when Doctor Ne'bright Kee
    petitioned the InterWorld legal division to allow him to marry his DAWN-82 model. This incident sparked
    universal controversy and resulted in the creation of the Organic Life Act, which established the laws used
    to determine the legal definition of life. These laws firmly established that robots and organic beings with
    cranial cybernetic implants could not be legally recognized as "life forms or citizens of the galaxy"
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