Guide - ROBOT: Commercial Artificial Entertainer Neztronic Incorporated (CAN)
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Neztronic Incorporated
An entertainment robot
that can also be used for
low impact work (waiting
tables, clerical, etc.)
  • The model 426 was the first and only CAN model produced
  • After strong initial sales, the CAN-426 went on to become a major financial disappointment for Neztronic.
    Created for entertainment purposes, with a strong emphasis on humor, the model quickly annoyed
    consumers with its penchant for incredibly bad knock knock jokes
  • Massive returns created a lack of consumer confidence in Neztronic's ability to compete in the robotics
    entertainment marketplace. Many historians feel that the CAN-426 fiasco is the primary reason that
    Neztronic is no longer considered a major player in the robotics field
  • Despite being almost universally rejected, the CAN-426 model did thrive on Bedara prime. The Bedarians
    embraced the model and declared its peculiar brand of humor as "genius of the highest magnitude." In
    2188, the Bedarian Prime Minister, Ve'nore B'chore, created CAN-426 Day. This official Bedarian holiday is
    celebrated with parades, festivals, and the exchange of gifts (rubber chickens, hand buzzers, etc.)
CAN-426. Copyright 2007 David A. Hamilton
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