Guide - PLANET: Trigos Seven
Copyright 2007 David A. Hamilton. All rights reserved
Outer Terrotories - Sector 21009-A
December 12, 2116
Samantha Perkins
January 21, 2116
Samantha Perkins
This planet is awesome! Totally unspoiled with clear skies, tall
trees, and crystal clear lakes. There are two orbiting moons and
no signs of advaced life forms. I'm going to name this planet
after my momma and spend the rest of my life here.
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The Nellybelle approching Trigos Seven
Nellybelle at Trigos 7. Copyright 2007 David A. Hamilton
  • Note - This planet was originally named "Pearl" upon initial discovery and survey in 2116. The Hestor
    Corporation bought the planet for commertial development in 2140 and renamed it to Trigos Seven
The main spaceport for Trigos Seven is located in the center of Silver City. In 2141 during the construction of this facility, the Hestor
Corporation’s robot earth movers uncovered a subterranean city populated by beings that stood less then two feet in height.
Having been programmed to respect all organic life, the robot machines halted excavation and contacted their human supervisor,
Mickey Polk, for guidance.
When Polk arrived at the scene, he was astounded to see his robot workers surrounded by tiny people that appeared to be
curious and friendly. Realizing that making first contact with an alien race could be his ticket to bigger and better things, Polk
quickly went about trying to communicate with the creatures. In time, his was able to ascertain that the natives called themselves
the Ta’ling. Since they rarely ventured above ground, the Ta’ling had been blissfully unaware of the giants that had settled upon
their world.  
Polk then instructed several of his IX-47 robot supervisors to begin holo-filming the historic event.
That night, Polk did not follow the corporate guidelines that required him to report any alien contact to the main office. Instead, he
took the footage collected by the IX-47’s and complied it into a short documentary that detailed his auspicious discovery. He then
opened an InterWorld communication session and sent the completed film to several of the largest interplanetary news agencies.
From the discovery site, Mr. Polk was in the middle of his very first news interview when the feed from Trigos Seven suddenly went
blank. It was later determined that communications had been terminated by a severe industrial accident that had resulted in the
complete destruction of  Polk, the Ta’ling city, and much of the surrounding area.
The Hestor Corporation conducted a thorough investigation into the explosion. They determined that the accident had been
caused by “the failure to properly secure demolition explosives.”
Not wanting the tragic deaths to be in vain, the Hestor Corporation declared that the Silver City spaceport construction would
continue as planed, to stand forever as a tribute to the noble and extinct Ta’ling.