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What the heck is Distant Salvage?
It's a father/daughter art project that has involved into a short film, website, and related
merchandise. It's meant to be fun and entertaining. You can learn more here:
About us

How can I see the movie?
The film was completed in September 2008. The trailer is available on YouTube. We are
looking into releasing the DVD via Amazon's CreateSpace offering. After awhile, the
movie will most likely be available in 10 minute segments on YouTube.

What's the premise?
It's the not so distant future. Space travel, robots, and aliens are nothing new. There has
been a terrible war over technology and former soldier Cole Branson is trying his best to
make a new life for himself and his family. They form the Distant Salvage company and
head to the outer territories. All is well until tragedy strikes. Then, Cole and his daughter,
Mallory, must face overwhelming odds to get back all that has been taken from them.

I saw the trailer, how did you do the laser effects?
We were very lucky in that we stumbled across FxHome while surfing the web for effects
programs. FxHome is a UK based company that produces affordable software for
generating effects for home video projects. We highly recommend this software. It's
reasonably priced and easy to learn. You can visit their site at

How much did the film cost to produce?
The goal was to spend as little money as possible. This was a challenge to ourselves.
We wanted to create as much as we could from 'found objects.' Meaning, Styrofoam
packaging, plastic containers, and so on. This was keeping with the theme of this being
an art project. We spent the most money on the FxHome software. After that, we spent
money on plumbing parts and balsa wood. Overall, less then 1000.00 US dollars was
spent over a period of 4 years.

Plumbing parts?
The robots were mostly plumbing parts. PVC pipe and PVC connectors. The engines for
some of the ships were also plumbing parts.

How did you create the robots?
They were basically puppets controlled with rods and strings. A future article will cover
their creation in depth.

How did you create the spaceships?
Balsa wood. Plastic. Lot's of glue. Again, a future article will cover how each ship was

Where did the arm patches come from that the main characters wear?
We worked with design-it.com. We sent them a sketch. They sent us the design. We
approved it and then the patches shipped. Very nice. Very easy.