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What is Distant Salvage?
In a nutshell, Distant Salvage is a father/daughter art project.

In 2003 my daughters middle class schedule did not have Art as an mandatory class. How could this be? How would she learn
the joy of paper mache and pinch pots? I decided that something must be done!

I truly believe that art and exploring creativity is just as important in a child's life as math and science. Without creativity, and the
ability to dream of incredible things, I don't see how our children will be able to apply what they have learned in school towards
anything other then passing tests. Tests that will help to process them through a system that seems to be increasingly
depersonalized and focused only on the achievement of short term goals.

Oops. Sorry, I will now step down from my soapbox and return to discussing spaceships and aliens.

I wanted to create a project that my daughter and I could work on. Something that would allow me to share my love of science
fiction, art, and movies. The easy answer was a short film. I had a camcorder and editing software, all we needed was a script.
Hey, this was gonna be easy.

I took a short story that I wrote in high school and reworked it to include spaceships, aliens, and robots. I then bought a notebook
and started sketching out the various things we would need to build. Early on, we decided that anything that we build should be
constructed from household objects or things that were easily (and cheaply) purchased from a craft or hardware store. With this in
mind, we started constructing the future with plumbing parts, water jugs, balsa wood, and of course paper mache.

The project has grown over the past few years, this is mostly my fault since I keep expanding the scope of the project, but the goal
was always about having fun more then creating the worlds greatest science fiction epic.

The entire process is not nearly as easy as I initially thought it would be. Making movies is hard work and this is especially true
when you have no prior experience and must learn everything from scratch. We have gotten as far as we have because of the
contributions of my family and my wife's family. I truly thank them for their time and patience and for not pointing and laughing
when I say things like: "Would you like to be a space alien in our movie?"

My daughter is now in high school and before I know it she will be grown and off on her own.

I hope that one day she has children of her own and that every now and again that they will sit down as a family, pop in a copy of
Distant Salvage, and dream of incredible things.

David Hamilton

August 2007
Copyright 2007 David A. Hamilton. All rights reserved
Amy and David Hamilton. Copyright 2007 David A. Hamilton
Amy and David Hamilton